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Kris Bell

Kris nails it to the wall!  His killer vocal crosses the line. 

Push your limits and experience the ride!  Crank this one up!!

Rock'in in the Free World - Kris Bell
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Daymia (produced by Ricky)

Hauntingly beautiful vocals.  Unusually catchy and unorthodox remixes.  Never know what jewel may come NEXT from Daymia.

Why Do You Hide? - Daymia
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Rod Lunn (co-produced by Ricky)

To date, Rod's independent projects have sold more than 50,000 copies.
In addition, his music videos have been featured on MTV and VH1.

Anymore - Rod Lunn
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Full Demo

Rockin Country theme, fully produced for a TV car commecial.

Shout out to John and Brynn Shrantz, the writers

on this fun tune!!

Dawn Beyer

Dawn is amazing!!  Check her out at, "The Real Nashville"

She has the heart and voice of Pasty Cline with a bit of sas of Sweet Home Alabama!



Soul food.  Cooked to perfection.

Come be healed by the spirit.

Walk in peace and love.

Highways and Bi-ways - Mishkanim
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